Invoice and Payment Tracking Module

For use in conjunction with the Hallmaster Booking System, the Invoicing Module will quickly & easily convert your Bookings into Invoices.

When you register for your Free 90 Day Trial, you can also enable this module if required

The tool automatically calculates your Customer charges for you and generates single or monthly invoices. It is invaluable for keeping track of which customers have been invoiced as well as the customers who are still owing you money.

Hall booking system generated revenue report

  • Set different Room & Facility Rates per Customer (eg Standard Rate, Regular User Rate)
  • Add multiple dates to one Invoice (eg Recurring Bookings)
  • Invoices are automatically calculated as you create them
  • Add regularly charged Line Items (eg Alcohol & PRS Licences, Table Hire, Cleaning Fees etc)
  • Invoice alternative Billing Contacts
  • Automatically email invoices to your customers or print and send them
  • Print PDFs of Invoice Lists
  • Downloadable CSV File (ie spreadsheet) of Invoice Lists to use with your own reports and Accounting Software
  • Allocate payment details against Invoices as they come in
  • Quickly display how much Customers are currently owing
  • Information is directly linked to the Reports so you can see how many Activity Types are held and how much income they are generating, which is particularly useful for Funding Applications

PLEASE NOTE: For this add-on module, there is an additional annual fee of £50. It cannot be used as a stand alone tool and can only be used and bought in conjunction with an existing approved Hallmaster account. Please note too that this is NOT an accounting package but can be used in conjunction with most popular accounting software. Please contact us for more details or a free trial.