ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England)

The 'Action with Communities in Rural England' Network is made up of the 38 Rural Community Councils (RCCs) across England who help communities to help themselves.

RCCs are charitable local development agencies, generally based at county level, which lead, support and enable community initiatives, reaching 50,000 grassroots organisations.

From running community transport schemes and oil-buying clubs, to assessing housing needs and supporting older people to stay in their homes, the 900 staff across Network offer a wide range of specialist skills.

We are delighted to announce that ACRE and Hallmaster are in their fifth year Agreement together to promote the System to Village Halls via the network of Rural Community Council Advisers.

As a member of your local RCC, you are entitled to a discount off the annual Hallmaster Licence, but you will need to contact us with your membership number to get the discount code.