Online Booking System

Online Booking System - Perfect For Online Venues

In an increasingly digital world, venues are turning to online booking systems to adapt to a changing landscape.

Venues of all kinds are diversifying the kinds of clients they cater for. Whether you are a local village hall, leisure centre, theatre, or any other type of venue - expanding your pool of potential clients is vital in securing multiple streams of income. With this expansion, however, can come new challenges - particularly in bookings. This is where putting in place a powerful online booking system can help.

  • Streamline your enquiry and venue booking system quickly, efficiently and avoid any double bookings
  • Customers can view availability and make reservations online in realtime, reducing the amount of calls you take.
  • Authorised users can take control of bookings if you are ill or away
  • Manage bookings for multiple rooms in your Online Virtual Rooms.

  • Invoicing and payment tracking allows you to easily send out invoices to your customers and keep track on who owes you.
  • Run easy to read reports on which bookings are making more money for you.

  • Publicise events, classes and meetings through Social Media Websites (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Integration with your own website.
  • Help publicise those already using your facilities to ensure their success

  • Helps maximise the letting potential of your Online Virtual Rooms
  • Gives visibility to your Online Rooms 24 hours a day for just £2.64 per week!
  • Invoicing and payment tracking allows you to easily send out invoices to your customers and keep track on who owes you.
  • Run easy to read reports on which bookings are making more money for you

What are the Advantages of Using an Online Booking System?

The booking habits of customers have changed drastically over recent years. The ability to view information in real-time and make bookings immediately is now not only desirable - it is expected. If a venue does not have online booking capabilities, customers will simply find a venue that does. Many venues right across the UK are losing out on customers because they still use outdated booking systems that simply cannot handle the volume of clients and events they are hosting.

A huge number of village hall booking officers still use an old pen and paper diary system to keep track of upcoming events. There are many drawbacks to this, primarily being that double-bookings or lost appointments are all too common.

With a powerful online booking system such as Hallmaster, upcoming events are visible to everyone all at the same time on a calendar which can be directly integrated into a venue’s website. Clients can quickly find the day they need and check its availability before booking. The event will be instantly visible to anyone, preventing scheduling clashes.

Put simply: an online booking system condenses every aspect of venue booking right down into a single, simple interface. As the industry leader, Hallmaster has been intricately crafted to aid the entire venue booking experience, from the initial booking right through to invoicing. Hallmaster makes the whole process as simple as you need it to be.

Why Hallmaster is the Best Choice for your Venue

With over two decades of experience in web design, our team at Hallmaster were among the first in the world to move our business online. With our expertise, finely honed over the years, we created Hallmaster from the ground up to be laser-focused on modernising and improving the bookings experience for all kinds of venues.

No other service offers the breadth of administrative and organisational applications as Hallmaster. From multi-room venue management to invoicing and social media integration for venue promotion - Hallmaster has all this and much more baked into the system itself..

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